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ARES has a 3-way!


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Baby, lately things just aren't the same. No matter how we be werkin' it, i just can't be satisfied. It's the same old same old.

It's not you, it's just that things have lost the sizzle. Fo shizzle!

I've tried, i really have. And it's tough for a mad numbah krunchin man like me to admit it. Things just aint' werkin.

The solution is simple, we gots to get more freaks involved. And we gotta get mad crazy wit it.

announcing ARES new triumvirate government and new government positions:

Triumvir: Joe Stupid

Triumvir: Draovwildand

Triumvir: Penkala

Director of Foreign Affairs: p0rkSab3r

Director of Internal Affairs: v00v

Director of the Military: T-O-P

Director of Finance: Jotti

Director of Recruitment: PattonsDog

Director of Eductation: Peranadori

Director of Security: Sebastian

tl;dr? We hit it hard and crazy deep and totally rocked a three way. Also, we got freaky. Also, we used oil. Finally, fruit was available.

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