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IRON Presidential Announcement

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Nations of CN:

I am FinsterBaby, the new President of IRON.

My apologies for not addressing you sooner. I have been extremely busy cleaning the IRON Presidential Suite of various amounts of mud and hippo, um, leftovers. :awesome:

I know that a change at the top of an influential alliance such as ours can cause some consternation among others. That's only natural. I am here to try and make sure that the Cyberverse at large is aware of IRON's stances and positions.

As background, I've been involved in IRON since April of 2007, with a 4 month break due to RL issues. I have been active in IRON's military for the most part, having most recently held the position of Minister of Defense. However, don't let that make you think that I believe that diplomacy is best at the end of a pointed .45. That is not the case.

To IRON's allies everywhere: The change in leadership in IRON does not mean that IRON's policies will change. IRON will stand true to its ideals and principles as it has in the past.

To those who wish to grow closer to IRON: We welcome you. Feel free to reach out to any member of IRON's government. We're quite active on IRC. We'd love to hear from you!

I have begun to reach out to various leaders of alliances to introduce myself to them. This process will be on going as I get comfortable in the position. Feel free to send me a query introducing yourself to me so that I can continue to know more about you and your alliances.

I look forward to prosperous times both in IRON and in the cyberverse! Meanwhile, celebrations in #iron continue. We might even have some orange cake left over.

Thank you for your time.

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boohiss I have the utmost confidence in Finster's abilities and I already said my piece when I posted earlier but obviously if he's gotten this position there's a reason and that reason is because he's qualified and has proven those qualifications many times over in the past and he will most assuredly do an excellent job or my name isn't Heftkinsington Hippocus the Third.

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