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Confucianism Signs NAP

Chancellor Bismarck

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A man steps up to the podium, looks at the various naked natives and the huddle of awkward-looking reporters, and opens his mouth to speak

"Confucianism is proud to announce a new NAP with Tech-Sharing with PDF-A. I am sure you will find it quite an accomplishment. Now if you'll excuse me, I have vaccines to administer."

The man leaves


Confucianism and Antartida hereby establish this NAP and tech-sharing agreement in order to solidify the friendship between our nations.

Article 1: Sovereignty

Both nations agree to recognize each other's sovereignty, and to not infringe upon it.

Article 2: Non-Aggression

Both nations agree to not commit hostile actions against each other in any form, and to maintain a peaceful discourse between the two nations.

Article 3: Tech-Sharing

Both nations agree to share each other's technology, but may not share military technology in general without permission from both parties.

Article 4: Free Passage, Military Base, and Trade Port

Confucianism hereby grants Antartida Free Passage throughout their waterways and airspace. They also grant a military base to be constructed for Antartida on the island of Karimata. There will also be a Trade Port constructed in Confucius to maintain trade between the two nations.


Signed for Confucianism,

Pacifism, President

Signed for the People's Democratic Federation of Antartida,

deSouza, Chairman

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