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Greetings from Cukmeistan

john k

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We, the glourious people of Cukmeistan, hearby announce our exsistance to the world at large!

Nation: Cukmeistan

Capital: Talabad

President: Joseph Tamaga

Government: Parlimentary Democracy

Tech level: 79 (1966)

Location: Just south of the Dilberian empire (not on map yet, somewhere in the "stan" countries though if I get approved for that area.)

Resources: Aluminium and spices.


Cukmeistan is the combination of several ethnic tribal regions uniting under one banner for cooperation and for the greater good. The six major ethnic groups of Cukmeistan are the Colat, Uobat, Komokan, Misaten, Emaw, and Iquac. These groups came into agreement that instead of squabbling with one another, much more could be obtained by way of cooperation. After continued relations improvements, this policy ultimatly resulted in the creation of Cukmeistan.

We are open for diplomatic relations and trade deals with all nations at this point.

Praise Cukmeistan!

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OOC: Given you description is sounds as if you will be located right near me.

IC: Tuland welcomes this nation into the region and looks forward to hopefully creating bonds in the future.

OOC: yep, I'm not sure whether I exactly am, Im just assuming im in some section of the white space.

IC: We thank our new friends for their warm welcome.

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