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Confedracy of New States (hereinafter CNS)


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The CNS is a new alliance designed specfically so as to promote the growth of member states in a peaceful environment. The terms of the alliance are simple:

1. If a member state is attacked, all member states are required to come to that members aid. With as much resources as they can spare.

2. NO member state may attack another member state. If a member state does attack another member the aggresor will be immediately expelled from the CNS and all member states will decleare war against it.

3. Any member state is free to leave, except under the conditions stated in the below section, with no repercussions.

4. No member states may leave prior to the outbreak of or during hostilities (read war).

5. All alliance decisions are to be made by a majority decision among all member states.

6. A nations strength must lie between 0 and 15 to be eiligible for membership. However once becoming a member you cannot be expelled if your nations strength excedes this intial value.

I look forward to your replies, and may the Gods smile upon yourself and your nation.

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