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FOK Gets a Silvermember


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Preamble: Argent and FOK are and will remain sovereign alliances.

Article I: Ouch, don't hurt me

Both Argent and FOK agree to not enter into any form of aggression with each other. This includes, but is not limited to, spying (both in-game and on forums), wars, trolling, or generally being disrespectful to each other. They also agree that neither signatory will throw rocks at each other's heads, because that just ain't cool.

Article II: We roll together

An attack on one signatory is an attack on both, and should either signatory be attacked they are to request aid, be it diplomatic, financial, or military. The other signatory is required to assist them in any way that is requested.

Article III That's cool, but I don't know if I'm into that

Should either alliance engage in an offensive war, the other alliance has the option, but is not required, to come to the aid of that alliance. This aid can be diplomatic, financial, or military.

Article IV: Can we cheat off your test?

Both alliances are required to share any intelligence that is relevant to the security of the other alliance.

Article V: But the love is gone!

Should either alliance wish to cancel this agreement, there shall be a 48 hour period in which this treaty is still in effect. After this period has ended, there is another 48 hour period in which Article I is still in effect. Should either alliance break any terms of this agreement, it shall cause an immediate cancellation of this treaty, with the exception of Article I, which shall remain in effect for 48 hours.

Signed for Argent:

Janax of Krymson, Regent

RustyNail of Coercri, Vice-Regent

Raholia of Alagashia, MoFA

Fuzz227, Council

Poobah, Council

iAMyourENDiNG, Council

Signed for FOK:

AvengerNL, President

Mortale, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Timmehhh, Minister of Defense

Denniswerf, Minister of Economic Affairs

Outlander, Minister of Internal Affairs

Much :wub:

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Congratulations guys!

Edit: I'm so please to see this treaty that I hailed it despite realizing (correctly) that I would probably be criticized privately for making what amounts to a mindless post. See how much I care!

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