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Commonwealth of Brown States


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Constitution of the Commonwealth of Brown States

Preamble: We herby declare the Commonwealth of Brown States an alliance devoted to protection, aid and unity for it members. We are Brothers through Hell and back.

Article 1: New Members

All new members will be given the same treatment like any other member wanting to join the Commonwealth of Brown States.

Sub-Article 1A: Becoming a Member

In order to fully become a member you must sign up on the forum by filling this info out.

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Nation’s Resources:

Team Color (Must be brown, Two Week Period in order to get trades):

Past Alliances:

Then you must put Commonwealth of Brown States in you AA slot.

Sub-Article 1B: Members Rights

1. Each Member has the right to be treated equally no matter what background or who ever there friend is in real life.

2. Each Member is subject to a fair trial if they break a rule of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Brown States.

3. Each Member is Subject to Protection if attack.

4. Each Member shall be able to receive aid if they give a good reason or part of aid plan.

5. Each Member will be able to learn as much as any other member.

6. Each Member has the right to be able to get all question answered.

7. Each Member can Tech Raid. A Tech Raid is to attack a nation who has no alliance and is easily beatable. Help will be provided if Tech Raid goes bad.

8. Each Member may run for any position he wants to in the Commonwealth of Brown States Government.

Sub-Article 1C: Members Responsibility

1. All Members must do military action incase of a war.

2. All members must not spy on any alliance or for another alliance on the Commonwealth of Brown States

3. All Members should stay as active as possible.

Article 2: Government

The Commonwealth of Brown States Government is Democratic and most positions are elected, few are not, each has its own term and own responsibility.

Sub-Article 2A: Prime Minister

He is the elected leader of the Commonwealth of Brown States. He has a term for two months. He can declare Martial Law with approval of senate. His jobs are to run military, internal and external affairs, and the bank system. He can appoint four secretaries to help. He has four vetoes he can use on any law.

Sub-Article 2B: Senators

The Senators consist of Five Senators elected ever month. They vote on everything. Laws, Treaties, and Declaration of Wars, and all appointments must be first run through the Senate. All Votes are Majority Rules.

Sub-Article 2C: Speaker of the Senate

After, the Senate is voted into office. The Senate votes on the Speaker, he announces all new laws, treaties, and Declaration of Wars, and all appointments. He also replaces the Prime Minister if he is absent, resigns, or gets impeached.

Sub-Article 2D: Secretaries

As stated in Sub-Article 2A, the Prime Minister can appoint Secretaries. The Four Secretaries are, Secretary of State (Internal Affairs), Secretary of Defense (Military), Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Affairs), and Secretary of Economy (Finance)

Article 3: Government Related Issues

Sub-Article 3A: Election Period

The Election is the last three days of the month. The first day is to register as a candidate and what Political Party if any you are running for. Second day is for debating any questions, and all plans for your position are laid out then.

Sub-Article 3B: Impeachment

The only way to impeach any official is a majority vote of the Senate and the General Public.

Sub-Article 3C: Political Parties

No laws can be made that forbids any political party. Any Political Party is allowed but, must be registered as a political party. The Political Party must not be linked to any alliance outside of the Commonwealth of Brown States.

Sub-Article 3D: Amending the Constitution

All Amendments must be voted on by the Senate and Approved by the Prime Minister.

Forum Link: http://s3.invisionfree.com/CommonBrownStates/

We are a new alliance of Brown Nations and welcome all ambassadors.

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