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[CNRPS] Cybernations RP + Variable Races

Maelstrom Vortex

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[CNRPS] Cybernations RP + Variable Races ----- PLEASE NOTE, THE OFFICIAL TAG FOR ALL FUTURE POSTS IN THIS GENRE SHOULD BE [AEGIS] AS OF 02/16/2009. This is to disambiguate our posts from CNRP. Threads prior to this date should be [CNRPS]

Rules and Thread Dictionary Within.

Do not post or comment on this thread, it is reserved for canon description purposes only. If you have questions or concerns, please send me a message or comment in the IRC channel listed. I am looking for feedback on how to refine this canon. You can contribute now to its development, simply get in touch with me with your recommendations and thoughts on how to improve/revise.

Canon GM: Maelstrom Vortex

Backup Canon GM: Vasili Markov

Third Canon GM: JerreyRough

Fourth Canon Gm: (Open Position)

Canon Map Administrator: Mergerberger

Canon Map Backup Administrator: Sumeragi

Canon Map Thread Claims Link: Temporary Claims Thread

Canon Map Thread: Map Thread V .1

WARNING: Anyone staking a map claim without making a corresponding creation post will be pre-empted by anyone making a creation post. RP'd claims take priority over Non-RP'd map claims in the OOC map forum. Just a warning to those of you who haven't detailed your nations yet.

Canon OOC Thread Link:

Official IRC Discusison Channel: #CNRPS on irc.coldfront.net

World name: Aegis

Rules Pre-text: It is highly recommended each nation have its own fact book about its history, etc. For an example of such, see my signature, however this is not required.

1. Each nation will be assigned a race, or a diversity of races, preferably generated and with an image from within the game known as Spore by EA or its creature creator. Other images may also be used at artist's preference. Standard human is a more than acceptable base race. Standard world map will be based on Earth.

2. No race will statistically any better than any other in any way in terms of interaction on a geo-strategic level, meaning in combat, various features of the race will grant no combat advantage. This is considered to be negated by the use of technology and tools.

3. All nations in this canon will use their IG stats for a basis of strength comparison in combats.

A. Nations may calculate GDP based on the following: Citizen Count (Workers only, no soldiers) * 36500 * Daily Gross Income Per Capita

B. Population = 400 * Supporter Count (Total Workers, no soldiers)

C. Air forces ratio will be 1:12 (A Squadron) for all nations regardless of size.

D. Navies will only be in game navies, exceptions are merchant and cargo fleets.

E. IG:RP tank ratio is 1:1

F. IG:RP soldier ratio is 1:10

4. Mergers are allowed. All mergers in this canon will use the combined stats of all the nations merged with the following exceptions:

A. GDP may only be calculated in the following manner: Citizen Count * 36500 * Daily Gross Income Per Capita

B. GDP of each member nation will be summed.

C. GDP sum will then be multiplied by the member nations' average tax rate to establish total budget.

D. Maximum budget allowed for military use only: 50%

E. Populations will sum.

F. Military wil sum

G. Infrastructure will sum, with the understanding it will be dilluted over the overall land area

H. Land area will be based on land gained in the course of RP.

I. All Merger members must have a leader who is fulfilling some role in the national government body.

J. To prevent abuse. All merger members must post new and unique content at least once every 5 days to be considered an active participant in the merger. At any point this fails to be observed, a moderator may rule that nation in absentee standing and unable to contribute resources to the merger. In the event this happens, the nation goes independent until the leader returns and reaffirms its merged status. This may be avoided by announcing a leave of absence and the governing period. Leave of absences are not permitted to go for more than 20 days for a merged state and mo more than 2 leave of absences may be allowed per year, one per 6 month time frame.

1. No role playing another person's military

1.1 Provinces have independent military.

RP: Each province has its own standing military forces, which are commanded by local regional commanders. OOC: The merged nation has an army, however, each player must post any and all movements / actions for military stemming from their province.

1.2 Merged nations are at the same TE.

RP: Spreading of standardized designs allows uniform military ability, however, less developed provinces will see a drop in production / increase in maintenance costs. OOC: Each player can optionally use the TE of the most developed nation, subject to the Technological Trade limiters* representing the difficulty in importing / using / building / maintaining these advanced designs. Standard does not mean easy.

2. Merged nations can only destroy another players nation with their permission. Simple power limiter.

3. If a player leaves RP / is purged, then the merged nation looses the abilities of that nation.

4. Mergers and each addition to a merger should have a simple GM void ability if the RP of the background / reasons are not good enough.

* #Advanced Items =#Buyer Items IG* (Buyer TE / Seller TE)

5. Tech-Sharing is permissible under any treaty mentioning such using the following sharing formula:

(Your IG nation tech) + .25((Your parther nation's tech) - (Your IG nation tech))

This technology scale has been chosen because almost all players should be very familiar with technological capabilities during these time frames and it leaves no room for conjecture as to what may or may not be possible in these common ranges.

Tech sharing may stack with any number of tech share treaties you have created under the following guideline:

The highest tech sharer must always be used to calculate the first tiers of tech trading until tech trading no longer renders a benefit. IE. You must first base your tech off of your 3000

partner tech sharer, then after that you add the 2000 sharer if you're not yet over 2000. If you're not yet over 1000, and even with 50 tech you would be, then you would add a 1000 sharer tech. If you are over 1000, then you would actually suffer a penalty by sharing with anyone less than 1000 technology and so the additional calculations would be halted at the point diminishing returns gave no further gains.

6. Beyond these exceptions all other standard canon rules apply. More rules may be added, or some may be amended as the moderators see fit at later stages of development based on the occurences within the world. Attempts to abuse the spirit of these protocols may result in a person being prohibited from participating in the canon.

7. A leader (character personality, not player) that leaves the world stage completely may not return to power for any reason. Even if it is the result of an OOC player action.

8. Yes, oceanic and lake territory may be claimed by aquatic races.

9. New Technology Logarithm Used for determining technology level:

There is a rumor there is a technology cap, there is no cap.

25 * Log[base10] (tech) + 1900

100: 1950

250: 1960

500: 1967.5

750: 1972

1000: 1975

1250: 1977.5

1500: 1979.5

1750: 1981

2000: 1982.5

2500: 1985

3000: 1987

3500: 1988.5

4000: 1990

10. Max Species Lifespan = 200 years. Length of lifespan gives no credible benefit and death/birth ratios are still going to be considered equal to other nations so as to maintain standard population growths. Live longer, fewer births.

11. CNRPS Superheroes fall under the no-magic policy unless they're heroes like Batman is where it's based on science, technology, wits, and athletics. They also give no geostrategic advantage in any combat.

12. A canon species can only be as small as 3 feet and as tall as 9 feet.

13. During peace, RP time is 1 real time week = 1 rp month, 3 real time months = 1 rp year. In a war, this slows down to real-time. In posts where time is not as relevant, such as history/non-event posts.. the passage of time need not be monitored. This timescale is mainly applied for event-type or.. as-it-happens type posts/threads such as during hostilities or diplomacy.

TELEPATHY is limited to 3 feet and must be explainable by physics, genetics, or biochemical possibilities. MAGIC is still strictly prohibited. VAMPIRISM/LYCANTHROPY are treated as viral or genetic conditions and do not have a magical basis.The Undead are prohibited. Zombies are allowed, only if they are not undead.

New Rule: The WAR Code. This is non-negotiable.

All wars in CNRPS must be negotiated and/or consented to before any posting. All wars must remain consensual throughout the duration of the conflict. The moment a war is objected to OOCly in a thread it ceases to exist and the nations automatically revert to peace with all conditions returned to a prewar status. Players seeking to participate in an on-going war must obtain the explicit consent of all currently involved players, in the case of civil wars this is the one person who operates the country. In the case of other wars it may be 2 or more depending on how the sides of the war have evolved. Violation of this policy can result in your suspension from canon. In the case of a suspension from Canon, something goes terribly wrong in your country and it explodes like Atlantis.. and you are removed from the face of Aegis as a smoking crater and must create a new nation to later rejoin. There is a 3 strikes rule. Do not make me get to 3. As of this time, all limitations on the use of WMD are restricted, but targets must also consent to have them being used upon them as part of the war rules. Also, the size limit on nations is also hereby lifted. Expand to fill the world.

The moment a war is objected to OOCly in a thread, the thread is stopped and any posts after the objection are null and void. Until a situation is worked out outside of the thread, it continues to be stopped. Once the situation is dealt with, the thread resumes. All disagreements about the progression of a war should be resolved in another channel of communication which is not the combat thread, the moment an OOC protest from the participating combatants enters the thread, the war is paused. If the situation is not resolved, the war is canceled and the errata to pre-war conditions will be applied. Attempting to resolve the issue in the combat thread will result in warnings and eventually suspension.

Wars should not be entered into lightly, while wars are required to be consensual, to halt a war a very good ooc reason must be offered. Wars must still be negotiated and if the reason is that the outcome of the war cannot be negotiated, it will suffice. At that point, the war will retro-actively cease to exist to all parties involved.


Kyraylia joins the fray in the middle east!

Arrival of the Seraphim! Great! Now we just need demons to get a real holy war going! :awesome:

Duda duda duda duda duda duda duda duda.. BATMEN! :lol:

MeccaKhan arrives on the scene

The Snowbeasts of Belarus

The Sahkuo of Asia

The Garuarans introduce themselves..

The rise of the Tropicans in Latin America

The Creation of Wales

Rise of the extremely Banana Republic:awesome:

The Blood Elves of Benelux

Smurfs overrun Tel Aviv! :blink:

The Jewish occupy Golan, Gaza, and the West Bank

The Rise of Raetel

Storm Dragon Empire Internal Devleopments

The Wolves of Espana

Rise of the Mando'ade Warriors

Rise of the Dragon Tribes

Rise of Duplesis, Election of Bergeron

Rise of the Dogoro Tribes.

In Soviet Russia.. ... Workers follow you across multiple dimensions! :P

Rise of the Iluminado State

Rise of "Munchkin Land" Georgia :awesome:

Rise of the Kal'Vesh Author decided to re-start with a different race/type.

The Rise of the Alvadens

The Rise of the English Musculators. Creator withdrew from the setting.

The Rise of The Korrigan Gang

The Rise of the Nothings

Rise of Holy Empire of Germany

Rise of Culkata

Rise of the Wampir

The Italian Bastion


Normandie Rises from the depths of Antiquity

The Rise of Rebel Virginia

The Formation of Mounlantia

The Rise of Kyokjitsu

Neo Olympia forms on Aegis

The Storm Dragons start taking Kentucky


Your RPing in this cannon is a privilege, not a right. GMs are REQUIRED to enforce equity of the rules UNBIASEDLY.. even against themselves. Abuses of power or the rules will not be tolerated. Fundamentally, final decisions on all cases may be appealed to the Canon GM. You may be banned from this cannon if you exceed tolerances. Warnings and options to re-write roleplays that are considered non-compliant will be given PRIVATELY and RESPECTFULLY. If a player resolves to be in violation of compliance, they will be de-canonized in a manner deemed fitting by the Canon GM. We will follow a 3 strikes rule unless the violation is of an exceptional nature and only the Canon GM has the ability to define such an exception. Of course, overall Forum rules violations are grounds for immediate de-canonization if the abuses result in a ban. Please ensure absolute compliance to all cybernations.net terms and conditions.

Do not assume you have resources, except the ones mentioned IG for your base IG stats nation (trades not included). You have no other resources in Aegis until you build up the required infrastructure for it over the next week or so.. meaning your new nation must set up its petrol industry, its trading, etc.. to make your tanks and planes work. If you don't have oil.. you better start seeking friends who have it.. or land that does.. and start RPing that building or an alternative power supply. The same is true for all other resources. After 1-2 weeks it can be assumed you have whatever IG trades you have from free market trading... but only if you have an open economy in CNRPS. If you have a closed economy you must rp the development of each resource for the first 2 weeks. After 1 month, a new nation will be assumed to have access to all resources for normal production via normal international trade, again.. except for closed economies. They will be limited to only the industries they have role played developing internally and through their IG trade network after 1 month. This is also only for new nations in undeveloped areas. If a nation existed on the territory you are beginning to occupy previously in CNRPS then you may inherit its infrastructure, otherwise it must be rp'd being developed. This does not mean you can claim an empire previously existed there for benefit, an actual player's nation must have previously existed where you are coming into being.
Nikonov - For abusing his entrusted power as an administrator in #thedragonempire to change the topic to a message defaming this Canon.
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I'll post more race stuff tomorrow. I can offer the forums I was working on here.

Ok; here is some pic's.

*I'll use this post to describe my faction (possibly); I'll still post IC. If you want to prune this thread then by all means go for it.

Edited by JerreyRough
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I'll post more race stuff tomorrow. I can offer the forums I was working on here.

Ok; here is some pic's.

*I'll use this post to describe my faction (possibly); I'll still post IC. If you want to prune this thread then by all means go for it.

Would suggest you do this in an introductory thread for your nation/race.

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So wait...how would I get a picture generated again--that is, if I wanted to join? I'm not all that good with making my own pictures.

You would generate it any way you wished. Off the top of my head, I'm using Spore by EA's creature generator. There's a free version of it if you're not an artist that can help you compose something to use.

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Tech Formula Stuff

I have three sets of tech formulas:

15 x Log (tech) + 1900

20 x Log (tech) + 1900

25 x Log (tech) + 1900

Here are the year calculations (in order of 15, 20, and 25)

250: 1936/1948/1960

500: 1940.5/1954/1967.5

750: 1943/1957.5/1972

1000: 1945/1960/1975

1250: 1946.5/1962/1977.5

1500: 1947.5/1963.5/1979.5

1750: 1948.5/1965/1981

2000: 1949.5/1966/1982.5

2500: 1951/1968/1985

3000: 1952/1969.5/1987

3500: 1953/1971/1988.5

4000: 1954/1972/1990

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Tech Formula Stuff

I have three sets of tech formulas:

15 x Log (tech) + 1900

20 x Log (tech) + 1900

25 x Log (tech) + 1900

Here are the year calculations (in order of 15, 20, and 25)

250: 1936/1948/1960

500: 1940.5/1954/1967.5

750: 1943/1957.5/1972

1000: 1945/1960/1975

1250: 1946.5/1962/1977.5

1500: 1947.5/1963.5/1979.5

1750: 1948.5/1965/1981

2000: 1949.5/1966/1982.5

2500: 1951/1968/1985

3000: 1952/1969.5/1987

3500: 1953/1971/1988.5

4000: 1954/1972/1990

I like the 20 the best. Then 25, then 15.

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