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Norsvea - Gebiv MDP


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((Not the official, but it's in basic english))

Article 1: Anyone attacks Gebiv, Norsvea will go pewpewpew on the attacker.

Article 2: Anyone attacks Norsvea, Gebiv goes BOOOOOOM on the attacker

Article 3: Norsvea and Gebiv agree not to attack each other

Signed for Distopyan Norsvea:

Kansler Lars Mikkelson

Statsministeren Alve Norstrøm

Ministeren Niko Alvesson

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"It's good to see we can be friends."

Signed for Gebiv,

Mannelig, Head Delegate of Sardegna

Julius Rizzo, Head Delegate of Sicilia

Antonio Bernoulli, Head Delegate of Italia

Pierre D'Aubigne, Head Delegate of Nord

Azem Gjokaj, Head Delegate of Est

Antoinette Rousseau, Head Delegate of Cartagine

Alfredo Rizzo, Head Delegate of Baleares

Empress Gebiv I

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We lament this move by the Forvenge, it is sad they choose to align themselves with such an oppressive power.

I'd love to see you manage to explain this remark without any spin whatsoever. Who exactly is Gebiv oppressing? Rebel Virginia? When Gebiv has troops scattered all over the globe like your nation does then maybe he will be oppressing someone.

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