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The Treaty of The Center

Mergerberger II

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The Treaty of the Center

Article I

We agree not to attack each other

Article II

We agree to defend each other if one of us gets attacked

Article III

We agree that we shall go to war with one another in aggressive conflicts

Article IV

We agree not to spy on each other

Article V

Should one of us find sensitive information regarding the other, they must be informed.

Article VI

48 hours cancellation notice is required


For Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden,

Prins Stefan Colbért

De Senaat

For the Greater German Reich,

Emperor Scolar Visari

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OOC: You should probably reword it. If you read it quickly, it seems like you will fight each other in an agressive war.
OOC: It gets the point across. Basically, don't piss us off is what we're going for.

OOC: Does it? it makes it sound like you will war against each other. I think that's what Raritan and Shadowsage are trying to say.

IC: Frankly, MADP's scare us. You are obligated to aid your treaty partner in any war, whether or not the cause is just.

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