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Naked Native arrives in West Virginia

Chancellor Bismarck

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A long time ago in a land far far away, a naked native landed in the land of "West Virginia", where he was forced to experience a foreign way of living, many leagues from his home of Confucianism...

An object comes down the lake, and in it lies the form of a nude man. He comes to rest on the shore, and begins to stumble his way across land. Eventually, he reaches a strange town many miles away...

"Oookie! OOOKIE! Moohaha Choombaba! Acohdoihf!!" the native screams, running towards the town.

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As the Naked man begins to run through the courtyard of Parkersburg(Yes, real town), the people of town begin to walk out of their houses wondering "Oh lord, why is there a Naked man in our town? HOLY CRAP GET THE KIDS INSIDE DON'T LET THEM SEE!!!" The Men began to grab their pitchforks, and shotguns and surround the Naked Man.

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The Men, to afraid to touch him, lest they get the dreaded disease of retardation begin to poke at him with pitchforks, while several more begin to form a circle around him. One of them screams out to the background

"Billy-Joe-Bob bring your pa out a Torch, we are havin a heathin burnin tonigh"

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