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We are the Lords of the Unforgotten.


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We were founded a while ago, and recently decided to post a declaration of existence under the urging of our allies, RnR. I am warchief and leader of our alliance.

Our charter:


We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal, that They Are Endowed By Their Creators with Certain Unalienable Rights, that Among These are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Article 1: Membership

Your nation team must be orange, and after a week of membership you will receive a $10000 bonus.

Article 2: Government Positions

I: Warchief

The Warchief will be the leader in the alliance, he will hold all the power and will be responsible for the whole alliance. He/she will get the decision on what treaties are signed and if the alliance goes to war, although he/she is encouraged to discuss the situation with other government members. The Warchief will be elected every 8 months. In the event that the Warchief steps down the second in command will take the position of Acting Warchief until another can be elected in emergency elections.

II: Second In Command

The SiC will assist the Warchief in his day to day workings of the alliance and will help the warchief make important decisions. In the event that the Warchief steps down the second in command will take the position of Acting Warchief until another can be elected in emergency elections. The Second in Command will be elected in an election every six months.

III: Secretary of the Bank

The SotB will hold emergency funds for the alliance in case of times of emergency. The SotB will be elected every ten months.

IV: Secretary of War

The SoW will be in charge of making sure that the military of LotU is ready at all times for a war. The SoW will also command attacks on rouges when a member of the alliance is attacked. The SoW will be elected every 4 months.

V: Secretary of Recruitment

The SoR will be responsible for making sure that the alliance has a strong number of new recruits constantly joining the alliance. The SoR will be elected every four months.

VI: Secretary of Foreign Operations

The SoFO will have the job of setting up relations with other alliances through forums and IRC and sending out diplomats to other alliances forums and IRC Channels. The SoFO will also be responsible for making sure that all foreign diplomats have embassies and are masked correctly. The SoFO will be elected every four months.

VII: Secretary of Internal Operations

The SoIO will focus on the growth of members in the alliance. The SoIO will also be responsible for making sure that aid from the treasurer is sent out to the members that need it most. The SoIO will be elected every four months.

Article 3: Amendments

Every Thursday is Free Ice Cream Day!

Official Amendment One: All governmental positions have no restriction on the amount of terms one can serve. If the person would like, they may run even after losing a past election.

Our IRC is #LotU on Coldfront server.

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LotU will be protected by The R&R Alliance.

The Tuesday's and Thursday's are free ice cream days accords.


R&R and Lords of the Unforgotten exist in a nature of diplomacy among all alliances. In this treaty R&R will protect Lords of the Unforgotten until they are ready to spread their wings for themselves.

Article 1

Both signatories agree that neither will initiate acts of aggresion including tech raiding, wars, spying, flaming toward the other signatory.

Article 2

Should Lords of the Unforgotten come under attack, R&R is obligated to come to their defense and aid. LotU is not required but is encouraged to to defend R&R should it come under attack. R&R is not required to come to the defense of LotU if it is proven that LotU initiated the aggression

Article 3

R&R will not interfere with the internal workings of Lords of the Unforgotten. R&R will provide guides, advisor's, advice and trade help as long as the LotU nation is on the orange sphere.

Article 4

Both signatories agree to provide any information they might come across that concerns a threat to the other signatory

Article 5

Lords of the Unforgotten agrees to give R&R first dibs on all tech sales slots. If R&R cannot provide enough buyers they will locate buyers for the slots

Article 6

Lords of the Unforgotten will give R&R 48 hour notice before signing any treaty.

Article 7

Either signatory may cancel this treaty with a 72 hour notice.

Signed for R&R:




Gurn Blanston

Hawk - Co-MoFA

Bilzey - Co-MoFA

Signed for LotU:

Hoyath - Warchief

Tirin - Second in command

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