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A Tragic Day In Blackwoods


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A Blackwoods Edict


Earlier this morning from a public service announcement

"Citizens and denizens of Blackwoods, earlier today, our tyrannical leader, Lennox Crispington was assassinated during a public speech in Trujillo. Though he is gone, Blackwoods is in stable condition, and is currently being lead by The People's Enclave. We are aware of the poor treatment and injustices dealt out by this oppressive ruler. We are aware of the atrocities, murders, executions, and brutalities committed under the nose of Lennox Crispington. We are aware of our grievances, and we shall represent everything in the best interest of the Blackwoods citizenship. The People's Enclave is dedicated to promoting peace, humanitarianism and human rights, as well as freedom and liberty. The People's Enclave are dedicated to the citizenship, and their rightful acquisition of equality and freedoms. Let not the death of Lennox Crispington be a demise, but a rebirth. A rebirth of a nation that shall struggle for the benefit of her people. A rebirth of a nation that shall promote equality and freedom of not only her neighbors, but those of nations located in distant realms.

Have faith, citizens.

-The People's Enclave"

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