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Two packages containing unmarked DVDs were delivered by courier to two small television stations, one in Rome and one in Valencia. There was no return address marked on either package, so they were initially sent to security for screening, but eventually they made their way to the desks of the respective station managers. Within an hour or two of each other, both men played their disc on their office television sets, and shortly thereafter the local police were alerted. After some quick debate, both stations broke into their normal afternoon programs with a "breaking news update," and the video soon showed why it merited this interruption of routine.

OOC: Edited; edits are at bottom

The camera focused on a well-dressed man standing behind a rather plain podium. Behind him hung a red-and-blue-quartered flag with a similarly colored shield at its center. After a short pause, he began speaking:

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Gebiv,

"I stand before you today with a promise, and with a request. My name is not important, and indeed knowing it would pose a threat to by myself and to you; nevertheless, you may refer to me as 2011. I am formerly of the city of Valencia, a proud city which until now has been under the thumb of the Empress Gebiv.

"Friends, this cannot stand. Each person among us possesses the right to choose his or her form of government. For decades this has been termed self-determination, and for decades it has been easily pushed aside by those determined to remain in power at all costs.

"Gebiv is a foreign ruler, dominating a free people by force of arms alone. The Iberian people are not now, nor have they ever been, willing servants of a Roman ruler! We are our own nation, and we must act, and act now, to bring that nation into being! We must show the Empress, now and forever, that no longer are we her pawns!

"To that end, I announce to you this day the formation of the Government in Exile of the Federacion Iberiana, a democratic government for a free people! We call upon the Empress Gebiv to immediately recognize our complete and inalienable sovereignty over that portion of the Iberian peninsula under her present rule.

"Should this not come to pass, Empress Gebiv, we will begin our campaign for freedom. At noon Friday*, if the Federacion has not been recognized as a sovereign nation, there will be... explosive demonstration of our dedication.

"We do not seek to bring harm upon any person, and we pledge ourselves here before the world to do so only if such action is unavoidable. As great leaders everywhere have so clearly demonstrated, force answers only to force. If we are met with peace, we shall be the first to offer peace, but if we are met with war, we are determined to defend ourselves and our people.

"With this in mind, I also deliver unto the Empress a warning: If this message and its contents lead you to punish or futher oppress the Iberian people, we shall not delay in the defense our people. The date of our freedom is yours to decide, but it must come, and soon.

"To all of my Iberian brothers and sisters, we are free. We are free! Viva la Federacion!"

The red light below the lens faded to black, and "2011" stepped away from the temporary lectern. Turning to his second-in-command, he said, "Contact our hosts and tell them 'The die has been cast.' They'll know what it means." Turning to the rest of the men in the room, he raised his voice and ordered, "All right, let's get this gear packed away and get to the next hide point. Our mission orders are now in effect, gentlemen! Today we begin our fight for freedom!"

*OOC: This refers to noon game time on Friday, 13Feb09.


OOC: Per Mercy's decision, the broadcast was not made from Gebiv's TV stations; It was, in fact, a video posted on several Internet sites known to be frequented by citizens of Gebiv.

Still OOC: As for role-playing other citizens, I didn't. My character is in an "undisclosed location", and he never identified as being a former government official of Gebiv. That said, I'll do my absolute best to refrain from role-playing anyone else's citizens in the future.

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Confucianism dispatches 5 B-2's to assist Gebiv in whatever they do. They also admit that they only do this because they want in on the dramaz.

OOC: RP these planes. Use them well, don't blow them up. Make them cause some form of damage against your foes! Temporarily.

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***Private message to Gebiv***

Forget it. We accidently put natives in the $@pits. They're coming home. Sorry.

ooc: lol I dont get it.

ic: This is certainly an interesting development to come out of western Europe. There's been a lot of pressure on Gebiv lately and Slavorussia is interested to see how the Gebivan government reacts under so much pressure.

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OOC: I agree with Gebiv. You can't RP someone else's nation. Appeal to someone else for land.

OOC: No I don't. I completely disagree with Gebiv because Sargun said it's okay. As long as you die. So I'm cool and hip and all.


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OOC: In response to his edited post

IC: The citizens of the region where unfazed. Just another annoying ad that had to block. Citizens that supported such an idea had left the country many years ago. For a week, it became a joke about the "Roman" rulers ruling Gebiv.

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