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Neo Olympia in full lockdown

Vasili Markov

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The air hung silently over the city, not a sound was heard in the streets.

Earlier that day the sirens had sounded and the population had moved into the vast deep underground shelters that had been prepared.

The gods of Olympus had turned their backs on the people when all communication was lost with the empire.

The government had tried the dragon empire codes and nothing worked, it had tried to contact other states and had been met with silence.

Booby traps had been laid throughout the streets and shops to deter looters and the military moved through the city like ghosts, they had their shelters to go to but they were going to stay ready and protect the assets of the federation so that they would not be lost like last time.

The few foreign diplomats were moved to an island just offshore and given replacement embassies identical to the ones in the city, they would have a small town with a few carefully chosen government representatives to communicate to the senate with. The island was lush and pleasant with palm trees and a beautiful golden sandy beach, in short a paradise. A airstrip had been cleared from the palm trees on the south of the island and it had a fresh concrete smell, it could accommodate lear-jets and similar commercial jets. Food was sent to the island and it is plentiful and delicious.

Inside the underground MILCOM bunkers the techs worked feverishly to try and re-establish communications with anyone. No radios worked, the phone lines were cut but still repair crews worked to try and get some measure of communication with the outside world again. General Markov sat at his control desk and pondered the events of the day he had seen the loss of communications as a prelude to a full scale invasion of the empire and had put his state in lock down. "No way are they going to catch me off guard" he said to himself.

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### Emergency Action Flash Message to Neo Olypmia From High Command of the Former Dragon Empire ###

"Do not be overly concerned. Nothing has happened to the Empire. The Council simply just granted everyone their own independence again. The Federal structure that was the core of the Imperial Union has been dissolved, basically.. you are on your own again, except that you may sign the Leviathan Accords if you wish. Look carefully.. and watch the DNN network. You will notice the Chairman has made a statement regarding this issue." -- Anthony Davis

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