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Experienced nation, looking for a good democractic alliance

King Tower IV

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I am looking for an alliance that is set up on a fair elective system. I have plenty of experience, and have grown my nation to where it is today without the help of any aid. I look forward to serving, being very active, and helping make the alliance I serve be all it can be.

Well, if you're interested, FnKa is completely democratic. We have elections every 2 months for ministers that are open to all members [next elections are March 1st]. The Prime Minister is also open to anyone, and elections for PM are every 6 months.

Feel free to stop by: http://fnka.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx

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The Global Democratic Alliance is a direct democracy which always welcomes new members and ideas. We also have moderated tech deals and trade rings. (Moderation = we do the work for you.)

We also have a very active and friendly community on our forums and IRC.

Any specific questions can be directed to my via PM or at #GDA on Coldfront.

http://www.gdacn.com/ -- #GDA on Coldfront

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