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Alvonia Emerges

Markus Wilding

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OOC: I'll be busy this entire week so I figured I might as well do this before then. Since I don't know exactly where my new nation is on a RL map, I'm using Chernobyl as a reference point.

IC: Somewhere near Russia, a man stepped up to a podium and smoothed his jet-black hair. He checked his written speech, cleared his throat and began.

"Hello, my name is Alex Koslov, and I am the current standing president of Alvonia. Most of our population migrated from the USB, and as such we have about a 50% Russian and a 50% German mix. We are proud of our great nation, but you may not see me for long, as my term nears it's conclusion at the end of the year. At that point, we'll elect another, or the populace may elect me again. We will have to see. As for now, I will leave the floor open for foreign press to ask questions."

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OOC: ..........I hate you JED. <_<

IC: "If you look on the map, you'll see an empty space under the Dellian(?) Empire. In that white space is us, for some reason our cartographers have not updated the map."

OOC: Aw, I was only asking a question. :wub:

IC: "Hm, thank you. We'll inform our cartographers about it."

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