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Recognition of Treaties as Part of Dissolution.

Maelstrom Vortex

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"Dragonisia will continue to stand steadfastly behind all of its treaties with other nations throughout the world as part of friendship or alliance that it signed as part of the Empire. We are hoping our formal Imperial brothers will do the same." Maelstrom stated on international live press.

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The Former Chairman of the Empire, Maelstrom Vortex, now only the Chairman of Draognisia made this statement,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Empire was made with one goal and one goal only in mind. It was to thwart the growing evil.. of equally over-sized menaces throughout the world. It was a pact among brothers to preserve the peace and ensure the security of their various holdings in the Pacific. While at the peak of its power, it was perhaps one of the strongest states in the world.. a federalized system of such an enormous magnitude... no longer is needed. With so many different cultures sheltered under our wings, it was difficult to give everyone a fair voice in a way that was equitable to them. This said, we have liberated these peoples to their own devices once again. We call them our brothers and sisters still.. and that they shall be. We recognize their diversity.. as an eternal contributor to our Common Wealth.. and as members of the Leviathan Accords.. those that sign with us.. shall be none-weaker, and much more free."

"Freedom of its people, has always been a paramount concern in the Empire, for while we seek unity, we have never sought oppression. While we have sought cohesion, we have never sought to eliminate the expression of personal creativity or an enforcement of conformance. That said, the day of Empires is gone.. and with it.. the Dragon Empire. I wish my children.. Good Luck.. God Speed..." His cat-like eyes glinted in the flashes of the cameras.. once again, the former Imperial Press corps was loaded with questions for him, but he got out of the lime-light quickly.

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