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Ether Announcements!


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Hello! Hello!

Come in all, and sit down!

:: Pans the room full of 500 empty chairs and stares at the 12 people in the doorway ::

Once they finish hanging the flags, we will begin!


Ah, there we go.

Welcome to our first announcement in a few months. We have a laundry list of stuff to announce, so we will make it as brief as possible.

First... we are proud to announce that Ether has officially moved beyond the need for a protector, as so in good friendship, DE and Ether have signed the following ODP.

Ether and the Dark Evolution both hereby recognize and agree that there is a state of Optional Defense between them.

Article 1: Non-aggression

There shall be no hostilities between the signatories, whether be it verbal, textual, or hot flying pixels. While this is a given, it is necessary for official purposes.

Article 2: Intelligence

In friendship, both signatories agree to aid the defense of each other by at least sharing any information that could be vital to their well being.

Article 3: Optional Defense

The nature of this agreement is to test the strength of friendship between both signatories. Neither one is obligated to assist in a military theater, but is encouraged to do so. Thats what friends do.

Article 4: Upgrades

This agreement is always open to improvement as our friendship continues to grow.

Article 5: Cancellation

If this agreement just ain't what you thought it would be, then both signatories have the right to cancel it. Out of respect and honor, both signatories will uphold a certain peace for no less than seventy-two (72) hours. Honor between friends and foes alike is slowly disappearing, but Ether nor the Dark Evolution will succumb to that.

Signed for Ether,

Pmac627, President

Evey Jane, Her Sexiness

Master Nick, Vice President

Signatures for the Dark Evolution,

Coolgreen44, Emperor

danizduhman, Imperial Regent

Ryan Reyes, Imperial Director of Foreign Affairs


We have a string of promotions within our 11-man alliance.

Master Nick of DrunkinIrishPeople is now Ether's Vice President

Plague 109 of Plague Empire is now Ether's Director of Technology

Pmac627, Evey Jane, Master Nick, DougalDrake and Kharcoff are now the members of Ether's new Application Interview Council. Pmac627 is temporary chair.


In support of Black History Month, we have our history posted here:


Now, sit back and enjoy the cookies!



1. Ether/DE ODP replaces Protectorate

2. Promotions, mainly Master Nick is new VP.

3. Check out our history and switch to the black team. Its true what they say... once you go black, you never go back! Thats cause we have the trades, tech and :wub: the rest of the spheres wish they had. ;)

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