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Acta est fabula, plaudite!

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Its with great joy and pride that I step up in front of you this very night. The flag that I fly above me now, is a flag I have flown over my head in CN for over two years. Its a flag that I personally have represented to symbolise more thins then my own National Flag. For TOOL is a union of many different Nations and many different cultures and has some how come together under this symbol.

Looking at it now; Japanese flag stripped of colour, a simple light fade with an emblem of a Hammer thrown on top. Broken down like that and in truth it is nothing all that special. It means very little. People can take what they want from it. They can pick it apart for socialist identity, they can come to the theory its liberal because the hammer is facing the left. Some have said its dull, that its not representative of the light.

To all I say, its TOOL. It has grown on me over the months and months to a point where I dont want to be without it. Like any basic meaningless tricolour, any formation of stripes, squares, triangles or stars - broken down they mean very little in comparison to what it means as a cultured symbol. Every flag over time builds its own identity and culture around it. Without a doubt TOOL has found a suitable flag, in that regard.

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our Order shall be righteous as well as strong. Tonight, for the first time, I get to fly my Flag on my Nation knowing its coming from a culture of strength, solidarity and respect. And everyone who identifies with the TOOL culture gets that chance.

People dont fight for flags, they fight for one another, they fight for unions and beliefs. So I want to emphasise that this achievement was not a goal, was not an objective or mission. This is but a mere cherry on the cake, a cake which we have spent months and months slaving on. A cake which everyone involved should be proud of, as much as I am. TOOL is a fantastic community, one of a kind, in my opinion. And this way of identifying ourselves as uniquely apart of such is amazing, and im delighted we now have this chance.

Both in game with our flag and on this communities forums through our Pip; all TOOLs and TOOL sympathisers can enjoy being a TOOL, in the best possible meaning of the word.


o/ Custom 55

And a big salute to all of TOOL's friends, allies and well wishers; im in a good mood so why not celebrate it.

A big kudos to Feigelinc for designing the Pip and for all his work on gaphics and designs in TOOL, and one to arabbeast; a long standing friend who designed TOOL's Flag back in the day during a 15 minute brain storm session for ideas.



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I've been with TOOL nearly a year now and this is an amazing accomplishment. While it is not something we particularly were aiming for, I am proud to be able to fly the TOOL flag ingame. This is a place that is home to me and represent much of what I think TOOL as a community strive for. The flag means different things for different people but it is still our flag and to have the honor to fly it is indeed a miraculous thing.

It is not complicated, it may not even be pretty to people, it took a while to grow on me but I wouldn't have it any other way. So o/ Custom 55

:wub: TOOL

And forever for the light.

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