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ML and Supreme Confederacy Of Resolute Nations (SCORN) have been working out some friendly relations, so with that in mind, SCORN is now a protectorate of ML until further notice.

I. Sovereignty and Behavior

Molon Labe and SCORN shall recognize the sovereignty of both alliances in this pact.

Molon Labe and SCORN shall be in a state of non-aggression for the duration of this pact.

Molon Labe and SCORN shall be in a state of amity for the duration of this pact.

II. Aid, Intelligence, and Protection

The alliances of Molon Labe and SCORN agree to aid and defend each other against outside aggression.

The alliances of Molon Labe and SCORN agree to coordinate and share relevant information about the safety of the two alliances.

This treaty also permits an optional-only attack agreement should one of the signatories initiate a state of war with a third party. There is no mandatory mutual attack agreement in place.

III. Interior Policy

Both alliances shall retain complete sovereignty in regards to their respective interior policies.

IV. Exterior Policy

Both alliances agree to warn the other 24 hours before committing to a major foreign policy agreement with a third party.

Molon Labe is given veto powers over any SCORN foreign policy action that can be reasonably shown to threaten the safety of the Molon Labe alliance. Decisions about what threatens the safety of the Molon Labe alliance shall be decided by the Molon Labe Congress. If SCORN disagrees with their decision, they may withdraw by paying off any unpaid debts, and canceling this treaty with a 48 hour notice.

V. Tech Deal Agreement

SCORN agrees for the duration of this agreement that each SCORN nation will save up to 4 aid slots for tech deals with ML nations.

VI. Withdrawal and Review

Cancellation of the pact by any party grants a 72 hour grace period by both parties to both parties before the cancellation comes into effect.

Molon Labe and SCORN shall regularly review this agreement to check the need and validity of a Protectorate agreement based on SCORN's size and need for protection.

For the Supreme Confederacy of Resolute Nations (SCORN)

DredInk - Prime Minister / MoFA

Purgatory - Congress / MoIA

Tdawg - Congress / MoED

Spaz12 - Congress / SoTH

For Molon Labe:

Congress: OD45

Congress: ThatFALGuy

Congress: Pepper

Congress: Psychic Bacon

Congress: Oedipus Rex

MoFA: kswiss2783

MoIA: Leprechaun

MoTaF: Quizart

MoWaD: OD45

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