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A New Berlin


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With the creation of the Greater German Reich, Emperor Scolar Visari made his next move. He would turn the capital of Berlin into a paradise. Therefore, he ordered his best architects to draw up a plan for a new capital. The budget would be endless and millions of workers would be used to construct this new paradise.


The Avenue Of Victory

Berlin was to be reorganized along a central three-mile long boulevard known as the Avenue of Victory. This would run south from a crossroads with the East-West Axis close to the Brandenburg Gate, following the course of the old Siegesallee through the Tiergarten before contininuing down to an area just west of Tempelhof Airport. This new North-South Axis will serve as a parade ground and would be closed off to traffic. During parades, Vehicles will b e diverted into an underground highway running directly underneath the parade route. Two new railway stations will be built on the city's main S-Bahn ring with the Nordbahnhof in Wedding and the larger Südbahnhof in Tempelhof-Schöneberg at the southern end of the avenue.

The Grosser Platz

At the northern end of the avenue on the north side of the East-West Axis there is to be constructed a large open forum known as the Grosser Platz with an area of around 350,000 square metres. This square is to be surrounded by the grandest buildings of all, with the Imperial palace on the west side, the Imperial Senate Building on the east side and the high command of the German Army on the south side (on either side of the square's entrance from the Avenue of Victory).

On the north side of the plaza, a large dome, known as the People's Assembly would be constructed. The oculus of the building's dome, 46 metres (150 ft) in diameter, would be large enough to accommodate the entire rotunda of Hadrian's Pantheon and the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. The dome of the People's Assembly was to rise from a massive granite podium 315 by 315 metres (1,030 ft × 1,030 ft) and 74 metres (240 ft) high, to a total inclusive height of 290 metres (950 ft). The diameter of the dome is 250 metres (820 ft). From this massive building, the Emperor would deliver his weekly addresses to the masses.

The large niche (50 metres high by 28 metres wide) at the north end of the Volkshalle was to be surfaced with gold mosaic and to enclose an eagle 24 metres (79 ft) high, beneath which was situated Visari's tribunal. From here he would address 180,000 listeners, some standing in the central round arena, others seated in three concentric tiers of seats crowned by one hundred marble pillars, 24 metres (79 ft) high, which rose to meet the base of the coffered ceiling suspended from steel girders sheathed on the exterior with copper.

On top of the dome's lantern was an eagle grasping in its claws on the globe of the Earth (Erdball).

The Arch Of Triumph

Towards the southern end of the avenue would be an arch based on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but again, much larger; it will almost be a hundred meters (330 feet) high, and the Arc de Triomphe would be able to fit inside its opening.

New Empire Airport

The Greater German Reich will also be rebuilding the nations airport systems. The new Airport, named the New Reich Airport, will consist of three terminals. Each terminal will be two miles long and have 120 gates along with 73 aircraft parking spots. New computerized system will allow the airport to process 20,000 bags per hour and passengers will be able to pick up their luggage within 5 minutes of a plane unloading.

Reich Museum of Art

The Museum of Art will be seven storeys and have total floor area of 112,000 sq m, 2,800 rooms, 7 km of corridors, over 4,000 windows, 17 stairways. This Museum will contain a vast collection of German historical art from the past and present.

Colossus of Visari

In the very center of the New Berlin, a massive statue of Scolar Visarwill be built. The Colossus of Visari will stand over 30 meters (107 ft) high. In one hand, they will be holding the flag of the German Empire; while in the other, they will be holding a massive cut-out of Europe.

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An interesting plan, rather grandiose but everyone has their own sense of style. We are glad they are not destroying the Brandenburg Gate or the Tiergarten as those are the two favorite things in Berlin for Queen Mirreille. The contruction is going to play hob with your tourism industry perhaps.

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This is a massive project that will surely strain Greater Germany's coffers. I suppose the end result will be worth it though.

ooc: Towers and walls that can survive an aggressive bombing campaign? Sounds like magic to me.

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