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6BR Trade Circle: Beer, Construction, Microchips, Rad Clean, Scholars and Steel. Great Bonuses!

M C Dent

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Preferably White Team, but not essential. Looking for long-term agreement.

1. Aluminum - Espen

2. Coal - villianfiend

3. Gems - M C Dent

4. Gold - RustyLeg25

5. Iron - Maravani

6. Lead - Espen

7. Lumber - RustyLeg25

8. Oil - darik

9. Marble - villianfiend

10. Spices - M C Dent

11. Water - Maravani

12. Wheat - darik

The Bonus Resources will be Beer, Construction, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars, and Steel.

The overall bonuses will be as follows:

Infrastructure Cost: -39%

Infrastructure Upkeep Costs: -18%

Soldier Efficiency: +38%

Land Area: +23%

Citizens Per Mile: +50

Citizens: +8%

Aircraft Purchase Cost: -8%

Citizen Daily Income: +$4.50

Population Happiness: +12.5

Soldier Purchase Cost: -$6.00

Tank Upkeep Costs: -18%

Environment: +2

Aircraft Limit: +10

Navy Purchase Costs: -25%

Technology Cost: -13%

Cruise Missile & Nuke Purchase and Upkeep Costs: -20%

Aircraft Upkeep Costs: -20%

Tank Purchase Costs: -8%

Soldier Upkeep Costs per soldier: -$0.50

Enviro. Penalties due to Nukes: -50%

Navy Upkeep Costs: -40%

Aircraft Purchase Costs: -4%

Radiation: -50%

If interested please reply, stating: Resource 1, Resource 2, Nation Name, Nation Link.

Kind regards.

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If you can't change colour don't worry about it, white is preferred but at the end of the day as long as we can find a mutual colour in order to get the bonus for it it really doesn't matter.

I will now send trade offers to anyone that I haven't already sent one to, lets get this thing up and running and start reaping the rewards!

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