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Announcement from the Dragon Empire Ministry of Health

comrade nikonov

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The Dragon Empire Ministry of Health is proud to announce the construction of two state hospitals in IndoChina and Othello.

First, we have the IndoChinese State Hospital, in New Kolkata. This building, built in the brutalist architecture of IndoChinese architect I.D Bei, is to hold 3,000 patients and 1,500 staff and faculty. Inside the hospital will also be the New Kolkata University of Medicine, IndoChina's leading institute of the medical arts.


The building is capped with a red star, symbolising the heritage of the Indochinese.

Second, we have the highlight of the Dragonisian Medical System: the Othello Cafrey Memorial Hospital or OCMH. This building measures 270 m by 240 m, 86 m high, and 92 m under ground. It has 1,100 rooms, 2 underground parking garages and is 12 stories tall, with four additional underground levels currently available and in use, with another four in different stages of completion.


The large building has more than 2km of office space.

The OCMH can handle a whopping 20,000 patients at one time with its 7,500 staff. We may not have universal health care, but we have the next best thing.

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Othello is proud to say, this is true. We also would like to add a few more notes... Any research done will be performed in this building. We hope to increase the number of staff by 1,000 over the next 2 years. This building will be in the best of shape, and under constant maintenance.

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