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New Kolkata Stock Market is now online!

comrade nikonov

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Today in New Kolkata the bells sounded for the first time as the newly constructed IndoChina Financial Tower roared to life.

Following a construction period lasting 3 years, the building was finally ready for use.


This 632 meter high building towers over everything else in New Kolkata.

The Financial Tower is organized as nine cylindrical buildings stacked one on top of the other with a double-skinned layer on the outside. The outside layer is triangular shaped and swivels as it reaches upwards. Designed by Delhi-firm Gensler, the tower plans on accommodating offices, a luxury hotel, nine sky-gardens and various retail and cultural venues, as well as a new New Kolkata Metro stop.

The design of the glass façade is described to be able to reduce wind loads on the building by 24%, meaning less construction materials are needed, and the twisting feature will collect rainwater to be used for the tower's air conditioning and heating systems. Wind turbines will generate power for the building. According to E-Architect.co.ic, it will be the first super-tall (300 meters or taller) double-skin building in the world, acting much like a "thermos bottle," says Veraswami, to insulate it and save energy.

Companies Listed on the New Kolkata Stock Market include:

Wahaha Beverage and Food Company [WBFC]

BiaoSteel [bSTL]

LiaoCopper [LCPR]

Haiur [HAIR]

among others.

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