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SoC Govt Appointments


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I come before Cn today proud as a leader. For the first time in history I will announce the newest additions to govt for the Sons of Chaos.

First Born Prince: Deadeye

Prince: Ryan R

Duke: keegansnation

Minister of Internal Affairs: Dskid

Parliament: Deadeye, Ryan R, Keegansnation, Dskid, and Death1090

Thankyou all for your time.



-King of Chaos

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Ill take you up on that bet :P

Don't you owe me and The Aut 50 tech each cuz we tied in our duel :P

You didn't tie. You specifically begged for peace, and you were specifically bill locked, along with deadeye.

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Actually get your facts strait, ask The Aut, he said we should offer each other peace because the war was pointless and I was thinking about quitting..

You said you were thinking about quitting and he thought it was because of him. He didn't want that, so offered peace. I was there. ;)

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you can join the ranks of an esteemed notoriety in the upwardly mobile he-said/she-said drama of what may or may not have happened in the past, as well as a complimentary vanguard hat, which i should take every opportunity to point out, is a complete non sequitir to my point. I know this one guy who has mad connects. you know, for hats.

also, thank you for your continued professionalism.

also, o/ SOC!

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