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Election Results from The United Kingdom


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The United Kingdom has elected its first Parliament and Prime Minister.

Queen Catherine Jones and King Douglas will officially open Parliament early next week and The Prime Minister will be officially sworn into office.


The old houses of Parliament have undergone a complete renovation inside. They are now fully equipped with the best equipment money has to buy.

The British parliament is a 500 seat chamber, because of the Vast size of the new United Kingdom.


The British Labour Party - Tony Blair * 256 Seats

The British Conservative Party - David Cameron * 187 Seats

The Liberal Democrats - Nick Clegg * 64 Seats

The Scottish Nationalist Party * 11 Seats

Plaid Cymru * 10 seats

The British Nationalist Party * 2 Seats

The First system used was proportional representation.

The Labour Party, along with Mr Anthony Blair will be invited to lead the United Kingdom and the British people for the next four years.

Mr Tony Blair has this to say " I am honered that the British people will give me a chance to lead them into the next few years, in what I believe will be a great prosperous time for the UK. we finally live in a day when we don't need to worry about wars or famine in our lands... we can focus on internal affairs and making the United Kingdom into the greatest country on earth. my thanks go out to the British people who have shown that they support us and trust us (labour) to do what's best for this country. It's with deep pleasure and Pride that i will be able to call myself the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom."

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