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News from the Greater German Empire.


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Total Autarky

Emperor Scolar Visari, of the Greater German Reich, today announced his plan to make the Empire independent of foreign energy sources. The Empire will begin to invest heavily in Nuclear Reactors and the mass production of synthetic fuels from the countries massive coal reserves, using the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis method. With the building of these facilities, the Emperor hopes to reach production of 124,000 barrels per day (19,700 m³/d).

Reichswehr News

The Imperial Ministry of Defense announced the immediate suspension of all military operations alongside the Gebiv Border. Military forces will begin to withdraw from the border regions within the next couple of days. On the otherhand, in order to increase security and prevent any terrorist attacks, police will keep a constant presence in the area.

Awards and a State Funeral

The Reichswehr held funerals for four German soldiers who were killed, defending their country in the Gebiv Border Dispute. At their funeral, the Imperial Minister of Defense awarded the four men the Order Of The Iron Cross (1st Class).

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