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Production, and the stepping down of a leader.


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The Ministry of Production and Research, Olaf Engelstad has organized a mining operation for a new power saving operation, Silver has begun being mined from the mountains of Forvenge.


"Citizens of Forvenge," Erik's face then came on the television, "Being a leader is no easy task. Not a task for one as young as I am, anyway. I am hereby renouncing my position as overseer and Kansler of this Distopyan state to Lars Mikkelson, my personal assistant. I know he has the capacity to lead not just Forvenge, but the Distopyan people worldwide."

Lars Mikkelson then stepped up to the podium. "Thank you, my friend. I will honor the Phoenix throne as Erik did. Worldwide, all Distopyans may call me their sovereign, but as we all know, I do not lead you unless you allow it. Erik will be leaving to be with a friend in the Western Republic, and I will be overseeing all Distopyan dealings."

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"Well...I've taken a look at my new desk and I must say, I am quite confused as to a few things. Erik has written reasons to every single action he has taken, aside from these two...He signed an MDP with the Gebivian empire, a nation formerly allied with Nordland, and he has begun a silver production. Expensive.

I am hereby cancelling both orders. I would also like to apologize for Erik's...comments. They are his opinion, and not neccessarily mine. I would like to apologize on Forvenge's behalf to the Dragon Empire and the United Francoist Empire for his comments."

Lars then stepped down from the stage, looking confused.

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The Republic of Rebel Virginia can only say that the Dystopians shall be led much better, now that the one who tried to ally you with a dishonorable state has been removed from power. We shall support this new regime for the time being, citing the severing of ties with Gebiv as our reason.

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