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The Rise of Blackwoods


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As a young, intelligent man walks to the podium, he takes a drink of water and clears his throut.

"I, Lennox Crispington claim the independents of The Blackwood Russians after many talks with The Imperium of America we have came upon an agreement and will be as followed.

1. As part of gaining the independence of The Blackwood Russians, they must sign an Non-Aggression Pact with The Imperium of America.

2. The Blackwood Russians will be a protectorate of a trusted friend of The Imperium of America, Drangonisia.

The Blackwood Russians have accepted these terms of independents and will follow them correspondingly.

On our first order of business, we would like to announce our capital city, Trujillo.

Thank you for your time,

Lennox Crispington, Leader of The Blackwoods. "

OOC: To refer to our land it is the Bright Green on this map.


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The Republic of Rebel Virginia objects to an Australasian nation having a protectorate in the Western Hemisphere. We believe this gives the Dragon Empire too much control over an American nation, creating a virtual colony. We would find it more appropriate if an American nation, such as the Imperium of America or the Imperial Union, would protect this nation rather than the Dragon Empire.

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"Given that the Imperim of America is a treatied brother, they'd be protectorate by proxy anyway. We do not understand the concern, but if it makes others feel at peace, we will simply declare that should Imperium of America, being our ally, be called to protect this nation. We will come to our ally's aid. Would that be sufficient to ease the nerves of Rebel Virginia?" Tom Clark inquired.

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