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CIA - TUON Agreement

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A representative of the Colonial Independence Association steps up to the podium

"Dear Respected Dignitaries, Foreign Guests, Gentlemen, Madams, and Reporters,

I am here to officially announce the enactment of a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Agreement between the Colonial Independence Association and The Union of Nations. It is our fervent hope that this agreement can open the door to a new era of peace and unity among small alliances, and abolish the image of foolhardy and silly politics that has been attached to the name. Beginning with this agreement, and many others to follow, we hope to lead our generation of small alliances to be a wiser and smarter one than our predecessors. The time of aggressive micro alliances is over, and the hilarity and stupidity that accompanied it also comes to an end. The time for smart politics and intelligent thinking is at hand.

Without further ado, I present this PIAT to the world."

The representative hands a stack of copies to the Press Attache, who hands them out to the guests assembled.


In recognition of the wish to maintain peace and neutrality between our alliances, we hereby enact this Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty between us. The two parties that agree to this treaty are known as the Colonial Independence Association (CIA), and The Union of Nations (TUON).

Article 1: Peace

Both CIA and TUON agree to maintain a state of non-aggression between their alliances. They further agree to assist each other in bringing peace to their alliances, and maintain an era of calm and prosperity for both parties.

Article 2: Intelligence

Should either party come into information that pertains to the other alliance’s sovereignty, they are required to bring it to the attention of their fellow signatory.

Article 3: Aid

Should either alliance have a need of financial aid, they may request it of the other signatory. While the other signatory is highly encouraged to provide such aid, it is not a requirement.

Article 4: Termination

This treaty may be terminated by either signatory with a public and private notification to the other signatory. 72 hours after both notifications have been sent, this treaty will be considered null and void. It may also be terminated if both parties wish to upgrade it.

Signed for CIA,

Pacifism, President

Signed for TUON,

King Daniel The 1st, Admin of TUON

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