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Dranagg goes Geothermal


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::From the Ministry of Trade and Natural Resources::

Today is the start of construction for a Geothermal powerplant to provide energy for the Republic and the people of Dranagg. The expected power supply will be able to render all eletrical, heat, and mechanical power for Dranagg, and provide an immense surplus for continued rapid growth of the Republic. The first generators are slated to go online in alittle less than one year's time.

However, due to the fact that the Republic is constructing this without outside contractors a Bonds program has been started. Citzens may purchase government bonds that are redeemable for money with interest in five years time. We urge every Dranaggan to support their country, and their future energy independance.

A small temporary surface plant is also planned to provide short term relief for the construction project, and is slated to be online within the end of the month.

Behind the small plant is the cap building for the main Geothermal diggings. It will be removed at the end of construction, and sealed over, before connection with the main Dranaggan tunnel system.


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