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Markov Electronics $100 computer scheme.

Vasili Markov

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In news today Markov Electronics has announced that it will be launching a charity project for less fortunate children.

In a press release CEO General Markov said that "I am pleased to announce that the R&D team at Markov Electronics has designed a cheap and durable computer that will be distributed to developing nations to aid them in educating their children. So we are proud to release our latest project ,the Markov-M128 Notebook computer, This computer is a minimum set computer will come pre-programed with various educational applications such as a basic encyclopaedia and a fully featured open source word processor suite as well as a drawing program. These computers have been designed to be shock resistant and waterproof to withstand rough treatment."

This computer will be distributed at cost price to education departments in developing nations and will also be available on a "buy one, give one" basis to the general public with every computer that they buy paying for one to be sent to a less fortunate child for free. We hope that the public will support this project and help us to help the world.

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