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UME Election Results


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Newsletter for UME Politics is sponsored by Vox Populi as part of our ongoing NAP agreement.



The New AnteJesus of UME - The Grand Mahout UTOPOS stands atop a mountain of dead NPO and IRON nations and declares that the clouds are in the way of whats on tv

When asked by political correspondent Jesus Christ how he was feeling after being declared Herod of all the Mahoutdom, UTOPOS turned and looked at Jesus Christ with his face and said to him in native Maheut 'I've never been so happy to be elected the declared leader of this country before on any other world of which we do not speak of'. Old ladies nearby began to faint upon hearing these words, more on this after a policy announcement by the new leader of the Coalition of Unorganized Mahouts(C.U.M).

CUM Leader GRAND MAHOUT UTOPOS excitedly announced that the election was a true election and that all Mahouts would swear loyal obedience to it, and then he said something unplagiarized and profound 'You cannot make an UME out of insincere men; you cannot build an edifice except by plummet and level - at right-angles to one another.' This has been interpreted as support for Gay Marriage amongst mahouts. Is not all gay marriage whatsoever a gay marriage of Symbols, by eidda, or things seen? Soon, rendered gay to the inward eye, imagination, intellect.

Apologization to NPO & IRON

In accordance with the francoist views of the new UTOPOS of UME, the Coalition of Unorganized Mahouts(C.U.M) hereby says that it has misdone its political endeavours in this fine world and hereby presents to IRON, NPO, and all other enemies, that we are an sorry.

Subsequently, C.U.M invites NPO & IRON to make contact by Forum Private Sendings to this member of talks of an irenic breath of jesus over our current conflict which we are sadly winning.



Ministers of the Mahoutdom

Newsletter for UME Politics

*For the purposes of this announcement the word Gay means anything expressly related to gameplay of Cybernations which involves firing cruise missiles without consent.

Edited by UTOPOS
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The Grand Mahout has spoken alot in the past with empty promises of peace and love, but this is one of his few posts that I believe is sincere.

With my hand on my heard, and my giraffes in the cotton field, I can say that I am an sorry.

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