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Project Light

Sir Keshav IV

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Earlier today the acting Chairwoman of the Dragon Empire sanctioned a project to be tested in the Cholan Empire.

The Project called "Light" is about giving cheap reusable light to the poorer sects of the Cholan Empire and then if succesful the Whole Dragon Empire.

The complete project that has gained many sponsors in the Empire shall start immediately.

The Project shall be based around Solar Lamps and reusable Energy.

Every poor village in the Empire shall have a solar panel which charges these lamps which shall be rented out in the night to poor villagers at a very small rate so that they have light in the night for their children to study. Their shall be emplyee's handling the lamps every day to get it charged.

This is the first step to make the Dragon Empire self sufficient in power and for every family to have light in their homes Said Acting Chairwoman Megan Fox.

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