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UPN Election Results

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The United Purple Nations Just ended their elections and I bring you the results and the new Cabinet of the United Purple Nations.

Founder - Altheus

Chancellor - Hansarius

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Bones Malone

Minister of Internal Affairs - Becks for Dinner

Minister of Defense - Magister Agricolarum

Minister of Finances - Divine Proportion

Minister of Recruitment - Queen Elizabeth X

Minister of Communication - Psyopper

Most of the cabinet are names people might know from before but there have been a few minor changes.

Becks for Dinner and I are newcomers to the cabinet, well I've served before, but not in ages.

Hansarius is also no longer the Minister of Foreign Affairs but now holds the position of Chancellor which is a new non-elected cabinet position.

So congratulations to the UPN cabinet for the months of February and March!

Also, just to be random


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The Minister of Communications race was down to the wire - the closest I have seen any position go in UPN. The winner was a mere 5 votes, and those were ...ahem... hard earned. :awesome:

I never thought it would be possible, but I think this Cabinet may actually out-do our last one. Moondog will most definitely be missed as the MoIA but I am sure that Becks will do an outstanding job!! And look at how much our MoFA has accomplished in just a mere 20 minutes!!

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Congrats to the re and newly elected.

Must say that there are no real surprises in any of the positions, i even expected that MoC would be the closest fight.

I must be some kind of medium, creepy.

Shoutout to Bones, Psy, DP, Becks, Elisabeth, Magister, Hans and Altheus for being so awesome! (o wait thats all of them)

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The Elections were really fun!! Congratz to everyone!!

Shout-out to:

Psy- for winning against me by 5 votes!! <_< lol

Becks, Bones- awesome guys!!! can't wait to see what they bring to UPN!!!

and everyone who participated in the elections to make it the most popular (most vote casted) election in UPN history!!!

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