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United Purple Lovers Accords

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Seeing as we secksi purple alliances tend to get cuddly together, I suppose it's no surprise that the following ensued.


Terra Prime and the United Purple Nations, after a night of heavy partying at the club, woke up next to one another. An awkward silence followed.

UPN: So, um, hi…

TP: Hey. About last night, uh…

UPN: Yeah, that was… something…

The conversation went that way for about a while, culminating at breakfast. There, TP decided that UPN was a pretty cool cat, and UPN thought to itself “I can see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” And so we have:

The United Purple Lovers Accords

Article I: Sovereignty and Non-Aggression

The undersigned alliances recognize the sovereignty of the other signatory, and shall commit to being peaceful and amiable toward each other.

Article II: Friendship

Because communication is the foundation of healthy relationships, the undersigned alliances agree to establish open lines of communication between one another. Further, the undersigned and their members agree to respect members of the other signatory alliance and behave accordingly.

Article III: Defense and War

a: In the unfortunate event of war, the other signatory is strongly encouraged to provide military, financial, and/or political assistance to the warring party.

b: If one signatory involves themselves in an offensive war, the other is encouraged to provide military, financial, and/or political assistance if the besieged signatory requests it and the cause is viewed as justified in the eyes of the other signatory.

Article IV: Intelligence

The undersigned agree to provide to the other any information related to the safety of the other quickly and in its complete form.

Article V: Termination

If either of the undersigned finds that the relationship is too difficult to uphold, or they wish to cancel this treaty for whatever reason, then a private letter of notification must be sent to the other signatory seventy-two (72) hours prior to the termination of this treaty.

Signed for Terra Prime:

Septer - Emperor

The Incredible Hulk - Regent of Foreign Affairs

2Burnt2Eat - Regent of War

Firkked - Regent of Internal Affairs

Panther - Minister of Trade

ManchesterUnitedGod - Minister of Finance

Rodrod - Minister of Recruitment

Ragnarok Gunaarkokul - Imperial Advisor

Signed for the United Purple Nations:

Altheus - Founder of the UPN

Hansarius - Chancellor

Bones Malone - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Magister Agricolarum - Minister of Defense

Queen Elizabeth X - Minister of Recruitment

MoonDog - Minister of Internal Affairs

Psyopper - Minister of Communications

Divine Proportion - Minister of Finances

Edited by Bones Malone
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