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Bulk Announcement from the Antarctic Alliance


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Antarctic Alliance

1 Tech sharing- all nations involved will take part in joint research for common goals as to be determined by the individual countries. This however does not mean that each nation shall simply be gifted with tech but will over time be helped by the other members to develop more advanced versions of technology that they already have or atleast have the ability to research

2 Mutual Defense- optional Aggression Pact. The signatories agree to defend each other from aggressive action and/or invasion from foreign bodies. The group as a whole will vote to allow the joint force, officially named The Independent States Allied Forces and referred to in this document as the ISAF, to be authorized for aggressive action.

3 Manufacturing- all nations will work to produce the necessary materials to help one another when possible as well as to arm ISAF to enforce our land and water policies.

4 ISAF command, organization, and management-The Independent States Allied Forces will be split and organized into the following groups. The Antarctic Alliance Air Force, Antarctic Alliance Navy, and Antarctic Alliance Terrestrial Force ; referred to from now on as AAAF, AAN, and AATF respectively; shall be manned and operated by all signatories involved. Each signatory will provide weapons and personnel to serve in this joint force as possible due to each nations capabilities. The AAAF and AAN will be responsible for the policing and defense of the Antarctic region. This force will only be used in aggressive action should it be decided by 100% of the signatories.

4A The AAAF and AATF will be comprised of an aerial division or battalion respectively under the command of a General from each signatory for operations concurrent with the AA's goals and objectives.

4B The AAN will be comprised of a fleet under the command of an Admiral from each signatory for operations concurrent with the AA's goals and objectives.

5 Participation- All signatories maintain their autonomy and reserve the right to cancel participation in this agreement at any time for any reason with given notice before hand. (ooc: 1 week) Any nation may become a signatory so long as it contains a valid claim on a piece of Antarctic ice/soil/whatever you want to call it and a majority vote of the signatories.

Amendment 1: AACFC renamed to ISAF.

Amendment 2: Paragnea has been added as a signatory

Amendment 3: USB stricken from signatory due to political instability

Amendment 4: Republic of Dranagg added as a signatory

Signed for the Union Of Antarctica Grand Chairman Lalzar and Secretary of Diplomatic Affairs Ben Stine

Republic of Dranagg

Tahsir Re

Elected Monarch of the Republic

President Cabrera, Elected Leader of the U.R.P.R.

Antiochus Epiphanus V, Sovereign of the Holy Empire

*The president walked up to a podium for a news conferance. He looked very much older then just a few months ago before the war. He looks up from his notes and into the crowd of cameras and then clears his throat.*

"The Antarctic Alliance (more commonly known simply as I.S.A.F.) has gone through some notable changes in these past few days. First was the adding of another signatory, The Republic of Dranagg, and the the destabilization and eventual loss of member state USB. The eventual war that ensued threaten to tear our great union apart. But we prevailed. I.S.A.F. has decided to use the former USB lands as the GHQ for operations, incorporating and expanding on the airfields and naval yards in order to service our military vehicles.

As we speak structures are being erected to house and protect the equipment to ensure that we may begin construction. We have actively encourage that any former USB nationals return to their homes to once again live out their lives in peace. We can also offer plenty of economic opportunity's for the region to service the various I.S.A.F. bases that will be in it. However that is and always will be their prerogative to choose where to live.

We also finished development on an intermediary measure to match other nations extended range due to railgun technology. Dubbed Combustion Light Gas Gun our weapon at its peak can fire a shell up to 120 miles away and will be guided by GPS controlled sabots on the shell. Although it is not a particularly great advancement we feel that it will help our policy of negotiation before war. It will be overseen for the replacement of the 5 inch and 16 inch naval batteries on our ships by the fellow nation of B.R.A. which brings me to my final announcement. B.R.A. will also be using our naval facilities to construct and maintain the I.S.A.F. naval forces. Which brings me to my final and most important announcement.

U.R.P.R. will be going underground for the next 3 years (ooc: 3 months) due to internal conflicts and a need for expansion of our nation. As such we are setting up a No Fly in the borders of our nation. This No Fly will be enforced with automatic SAM and FLAK systems which will engage any and all aircraft detected by the automated radar network. We will also be ceding a bit of territory to the south due to the constraints of maintaining the defense grid. As of this moment, an iron curtain will fall around this nation. That is all."

*he steps off the podium and leaves the room before the news crews are escorted to the airport to board their respective flights home.*

(ooc: TL;DR I am leaving for boot camp [marines] so my nation is going to be inactive for 3 months, we lost an ally (using his land to hold meetings and stage attacks) and gained another, and our cannons are atleast a little better then regular powder using guns.)

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