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February-April Government  

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At 2202 local time, television sets all across Federal Republic are turned on. One of the most popular stations is HBC, the Henripolis Broadcasting Company

...will bring a few scattered showers and cooler temperatures for the remainder of the week. The best chance for showers will arrive late in the week,as several disturbances cross the area Thursday and Friday. Another chance of showers will take place Sunday. This event may actually bring a bit of rain/snow mix. And now on to Stepf with our election coverage.


Good evening good citizens. After weeks of campaigning, election night has finally arrived. 3 leading candidates have emerged-

Frald Heidmir


Party: Unionist

Political Ideology: Social Conservative

Brief Bio: Heidmir is a long time Senator from Florence. Born into the wealthy aristocracy of the eastern half of the nation, he became the country’s youngest millionaire at age 27. Heidmir believes that the maintaining of religious values is essential for the state’s health. He has also been the chief proponent of FRH neutrality.

Valtinius Varus


Party: Federalist National Party (FNP)

Political Ideology: Right Wing Reactionary

Brief Bio: Varus rose through the ranks of the officer corps, eventually reaching the rank of General. He advocates expansion of the military and a much more aggressive foreign policy. Economically, Varus favors centralizing government assets.

Jon Hawker


Party: Socialist Labor Party (SLP)

Political Ideology: Market Liberal

Brief Bio: Hawker became involved with many human rights groups while schooling at university. Eventually he entered the political realm by running for mayor of Manchester and defeating the FNP incumbent in a stunning upset. He is regarded as an expert in economic affairs and supports international free trade. Widely considered to be the front runner in the Presidential elections.

And now back to Stepf


A reminder to our gentle citizens: polls close in 48 hours and the winners will be in power for three years.

OOC: tl;dr Election thread every three months. I RP as the winning president.

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