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Pax Mediterrania Finishes Project


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OOC: Yes this is classified. Why do I post this? So you don't call godmode if I ever use it and such.No, you don't have any way of detecting this, so you don't know it exists. Anyone who knows it exists has already been contacted.

IC: It was finally completed. At last, Pax Mediterrania had a way of guaranteed private communication. Submarine communication cables had been laid in the Mediterranean with no connections to civilian networks. An unknown(OOC: can't say for the purposes of stopping metagaming) location in Gebiv was linked to two unknown locations in the Rebel Army. Via these locations, these wires eventually linked the military commands of Ile de Noir, the Rebel Army, and Gebiv. The end result would be greatly increased combat efficiency.

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OOC: I assumed we had any number of these just to handle civilian communications. We DO have the Internet over here you know. :P /OOC

IC: The decision to connect this communications system to Ile de Noir's existing Milnet had been debated at length in military and communications circles, but in the end the project had been approved. Additional computer and physical security measures were added to the connections, and a dedicated team was assigned the task of monitoring the connections, as they included government channels at the highest levels.

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