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Construction activity in Prince Edward Island


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In what some people are calling simply a make work project/economic bailout, thousands of unemployed Islanders have been hired to dig large holes all throughout PEI.

One unnamed source said they are the beginning of a series of interconnected massive underground bunkers. He went on to say that his company was one of many hired to lay the concrete once the digging has been completed.

One fact that gives credence to this is that the dig projects are very close to existing Anti Aircraft emplacements.

Also in the news citizens of Newfoundland will be able to hear some sounds of Prince Edward Island for the first time in a while. When his Highness regained St. Pierre and Michelon, local radio station Q93 asked for, and received, permission to set up a unmanned repeater station to allow them to broadcast their signal to a much larger area.

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Construction has continued with concrete being poured and tunnels dug to connect them. GOvernemnt sources are confirming that this is a large bunker system ringing the island. they are all connected by tunnles and are lined with concrete and reinforced metals. They are linked to the AADN batteries, and could easily hold the military population of Prince Edward ISland, and rumours contend they could hold a large part of the civilian population as well.

Nonperishable food is being bought in bulk and the government plans on sending out maps and directions to the closest bnker to each household.

His Highness says there is no threat, but the world is unstable and it is better to be prepared than caught short.

The bunkers will also lead to heavily reinforced pillboxes that would cover any accessable beach.

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Construction of the bunker network has been completed. We now have the capability to protect the citizenry for up to two weeks longer with hardship, the bunkers provide protection from most standard ordinance. We also have crossed fields of fire over potential landing sites and a linked AADN.

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