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Markov Electronics Diversifies into Aerospace

Vasili Markov

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Neo Olympia

7th February 2009

Markov Electronics Diversifies

Markov electronics the Neo Olympian multinational electronics manufacturer today announced that it would begin to expand its interests into other areas of the market. CEO General Markov announced that over the next few weeks and months the company would diversify into many different areas to stabilise its position. He announced that Markov Aerospace would be the first of the new companies to launch as a wholly owned subsidiary of Markov electronics & diversified holdings inc. (Stock Code: MEDH) . He also announced that he has plans to launch a air freight company next week depending on the results of the Cargolifter trials.

Markov Aerospace launches its first product

Markov Aerospace while still a department of its parent company developed its first product and is please to announce the completion of the first fully functional production model of its first product the Cargolifter Model 1.

Cargolifter Model 1


Length 260m

Diameter 65m

Total height 82m

Envelope volume 550,000m³

Loading platform 50 x 8 x 8m


Basic weight 260t

Payload Up to 160t (equivalent to 6x standard 40 foot shipping containers)


Type 8 x GE CT7-8L turboshaft


Cruising speed 90km/h

Range Up to 10,000km

Pressure height Up to 2,000m

Buoyant gas Non-flammable helium


The Cargolifter airship is ideal for moving heavy and/or awkward loads over terrain such as swamps, jungles or mountains where conventional logistics would struggle with such loads.

It is also a cost effective option for overseas cargo transport that is less expensive than traditional air freight services and faster than surface or submarine cargo vessels.

OOC: This is a direct copy of the CargoLifter CL160 Super Heavy-Lift Cargo Airship made in Germany today.

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