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DNN: Dragon Empire Annual GDP estimate.

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Dragon Empire, AP - With recent and dramatic improvements in infrastructure including the addition of two world-class trade centers and the anticipated completion of a third, the Dragon Empire's economic system is roiling hot, so much sot that the Dragon Empire National Bank has raised lending rates to 15% in an effort to cool down the now.. white hot.. economic growth and to curtail inflation. Current estimates indicate the new centers may add as much as 25% to each of the states in which they are being built.. with 3 going online, the GDP of the Dragon Empire has soared past 2 Trillion standard international dollars per year. (ooc: Based on the Sumeragi/LVN calculations for GDP.)

The government has vowed additional infrastructure investments as its Cultural Wonders program continues with the obsessive intent of making Dragon Empire society a true legend in its time. The next project for the State of Dragonisia is said to be the completion of the Great War Memorial which will constitute the spine of the Sword Complex once complete. Indo-China continues to labor to complete its Stock Exchange. Tasmania will now turn its attention to trying to organize a social security program.. for with as many citizens as they have disabled with the plague they will need it. The Empire is expected to apportion part of its imperial budget to help in the constitution of the initial state security fund.

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