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The Forgotten Ones

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The Forgotten Ones, a new alliance, is searching for new recruits to take official positions in the alliance. The available positions are:

  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  • General
  • Executive Officer
  • Alpha Company Commander
  • 1st Sgt Alpha Company
  • Hidden Identity Commander
  • 1st Sgt Hidden Identity

Contact me or visit our forums to register your nation and take up an open position. Links to forums and recruitment video can be found in my signature. Thank you very much,


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Section I: Preamble

We the people of The Forgotten Ones, in order to form a more perfect alliance, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, do ordain this constitution for The Forgotten Ones.

Section II: Headquarters

The Forgotten Ones offsite forum can be found at:


- the board creator is Jack

Section III: Initiation and Expulsion

Article A: Initiation

Any Nation can join TFO by signing up on our forum. Upon application, it is required that you submit the following:

1. My Ruler Name is:

2. My Nation name is:

3. Name on the Cybernation’s forums is:

4. My default resources are:

5. My Current Strength:

6. Alliances I have been in the past are:

7. The name of the person who recruited me:

8. Post a link to your nation:

By standard procedure, you are not allowed to be in another alliance if accepted. If you are in a war at the time of application, we will strive to end it.

Article B: Expulsion

So far TFO has never had to expel a member. We hope to keep it that way. The only reasons we would expel a member is that they are not following rules, out of line, disrespectful to anyone, and whatever other bad reasons we can think of.

Article C: Departure

If you wish do withdraw from the alliance please do so as long as you do not owe any money and are leaving on good terms. Post your resignation in the Capitol Hill section and upon recognition TFO will give you your honorable discharge.

Article D: Discharge

If you are leaving the alliance on good terms then you will be honorably discharged. We will send a letter to the next alliance you join that you have been an honorable member. If you leave on bad terms then you will be dishonorably discharged and a different type of letter will go to your next alliance telling them not to trust you.

Section III: Government and Structure

Article A: Cabinet

The Cabinet consist of 3 areas of expertise:

Secretary of Defense: The Military Branch of TFO.

Secretary of State: Trade and Finances Branch of TFO. In control of the Grant and Loan system.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Relations Branch of TFO. In charge of Ambassadors, and is our ambassador to other alliances.

All Secretaries have Individual guidelines that they must follow. These rules cannot contradict the main Constitution in any way.

Article B: Government of The Forgotten Ones

The Government of TFO will consist of the President, the Vice President, and the Cabinet.

The highest position is President. At the time of the Alliance creation, for stability purposes the President cannot be impeached, removed, etc. At a designated later date, he is required to step down, and at such time, every two months a new President will be elected by the general membership. If the President resigns, he will appoint a successor. The President can veto any act the alliance makes.

The Cabinet consist of the elected leaders from the different areas. They discuss many issues, sign all official documents, and are the main ruling party of the Alliance. At the end of each month, elections are held. Any member is capable of running, as long as they have served in the alliance for a period of 30 days. (With the exception of when the alliance has first started)

Section IV: Embassies

TFO promotes the use of Embassies, and relations between Alliances. Should there be no activity for a period of 30 days, the Embassy will be deleted, but it can be recreated at the Alliances request. TFO will never close an Embassy for any reason other than inactivity except if the other alliance is out of line.

For a document to be approved, it must be passed by the Vice President, The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and the Secretary of Defense.

Section V: Wars

TFO does not support wars, unless absolutely necessary. This belief stems from the fact that you are ruining someone else’s long hard work. Seeing as war is the point of the game however, we allow you to declare on any nation as long as you follow and agree to these conditions:

1) The Nation does not belong to an Alliance

2) You do not expect assistance. You can ask individual members to help, but the Government will not.

3) If the Nation requests peace, you will accept

4) You will not receive aid to rebuild from this war

5) You notify your Company Commander two days beforehand

6) You do not use Nuclear Weapons

TFO has a strict no Nuclear Weapon first policy. If you are attacked with a Nuclear Weapon, you may retaliate. If TFO is in a wartime situation, one nation being attacked with a Nuclear Weapon is cause for the entire Alliance to strike back. Unaligned Nations during wartime situations can be attacked with a Nuclear Weapon first under these circumstances and rules:

1) They Attacked you

2) You take a screenshot of the nation with None as an Alliance Affiliation for proof.

For TFO to be in a Wartime Situation, the President and all Secretaries need to unanimously issue a document saying so.

Section VI: Constitution Revision and Veto Power

For the Consitiution to be revised, it requires the approval of the original author, Jack, unless otherwise stated. The Signature of the President, Vice President, and 2/3 of the cabinet. If it contradicts individual Constitution guidelines, they will have to be revised.

The Veto Power holder is the first President, Jack. Only he may appoint his successor. He can Veto any action made by the Cabinet or members. He serves as the first President, but must step down as soon as The Forgotten Ones is a stable Alliance. In times of crisis, the Veto holder assumes President Title again, along with control of the Alliance. He needs a 70% approval from the members of Veratex to do so.

Section VII: Constitution Signatures

The Constitution of TFO must be signed each time it is updated by the author, Jack, unless otherwise stated. The President, Vice President, and Cabinet also are required to sign. All signatures are recorded below.

Section VIII: Amendments

Amendments may be made to the constitution upon approval of the enite cabinet the presidents, 50% + 1 of the alliance, and the original author. These amendments can not contradict the constitution itself; otherwise they have to be revised.

Ammendment 1: Drafting

Everyone Who is in The Forgotten Ones is in the Military as well. You will recieve a rank and position. This is for Defensive and Structure Purposes.

Written September 11, 2007 and Signed by the founders of The Forgotten Ones:




Vice President

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Yeah i know. Problem is i cant post or pm ANYONE. When i try it shows this error message basically saying that i dont know what iam doing and that I should contact the site admin... but wait i almost forgot i cant contact anyone. Iam not pissed just frustrated cause this happens alot with me. Make sure to check the priveldges for the Ambassadors cause it may be a switch in their that makes it so that ambassadors cant post or contact people.

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