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I guess im emporer now..


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Well i hereby declare myself emporer of the Norden Verein given that i am the last remaining member of a once great alliance.

For those of you who have forgotten i refused to sign the individual surrender documents since they contained a clause which stated that the Norden Verein was a white supremisist organisation or words to that effect. This was a absolute lie and i wasnt going to be part of it.

My declaration of leadership is somewhat irrelavent however i guess since,

I'm essentially leading myself here

'We' no longer have forums to speak of

and I am approximatley 40million in debt YAY financial crisis, im expecting my stimulus package about the same time as the american congress agreas on theirs :P

So anyway shoutout to those who remember me i guess


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There never was an Emperor of Norden Verein. The head of state title is Reichkaiser.

meh whatever,

as reichkaiser i hereby announce myself to be emperor, honestly enough of these formalities your worse than the Australian parliment.

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I honestly don't remember the specifics of the case, but if as Mr. Einswald says they were required to admit to being white supremacists, then I applaud him for sticking it out.

I certainly don't support everything that NoV did, but I also certainly don't think they were white supremacists.

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Don't worry, I have caller ID and a lock on my window.

do you have dog curtains?

also Norden Verein is still at war with TPF, part of their surrender terms were disbanding, and should anyone reform the alliance, they'll be in de facto war.

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