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An Oceanic Sized Announcment


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*Josshill Walks to the podium and sets some papers down*

Hello my fellow people of Planet bob, Today I would like to officailly announce the Regents of the Oceanic Alliance.These are people I have grown to like and respect, So I find them the best people for the job. First off I would like to announce DerPrinz, He came with me from the MHA and founded the Oceanic alliance he has been a very good friend of mine from the start of our Lives on Planet bob. The Next person I would Like to announce Rude Empire, A guy I honestly knew could do the job and was smart, Not much to say about him, He is smart and knows what he is doing. The last and final person I would like to announce is Guapo Rico, Guapo rico is a guy I doubted at first, Then I slowly gained more and more faith and noticed he was truly dedicated to the cause and new what he was doing. I would like to be the first to congratulate all of these fine men, Now for a report on the Oceanic Alliance.

The Oceanic alliance is doing great, We are currently holding off on recruitment and are looking for active nations not just small nations. We would rather have 10 active good members then 50 inactive members. If you are looking for an alliance or just want to talk to us, Feel free to drop by our IRC channel at #oceanicalliance on Coldfront.


Josshill ( Duckz3 )

Emperor of the Oceanic alliance

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