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Announcements from the Ravyns


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I have a few saddening announcements to make. Firstly, the Ravyns are hereby canceling our ODP with Aquitaine. We haven't seen you guys in too long, can't remember any the last time I talked to you.

Secondly, we are canceling our ODP with FUCN. Reasons are private, and are probably none of your FUCN business...

On a totally unrelated note, the Ravyns have reached the milestone of 100 nukes. I don't have a screenshot, if you want proof, look it up yourself.

That is all.


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I don't think OBM gave up.. He felt they were in good hands and decided to come home to the TPF... Where he belongs. Obviously, interalliance activity levels have dropped recently.. perhaps they will make efforts to pick up the phone but it is a two way street :P

Best of luck Ravyns.

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