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GTI Makes Massive Factory Deal


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Massive Factory Complex Begining Construction!

GTI is happy to annonce the creation of the Northern Factory Complex within The Northern Empire [eastern]!

Within this complex, there will be:

-4 Military Factory Bases combined into one super building, similer to the Yuktobanian Democratic Republic's Military factory Base X4

-8 Large Factories, 3 GTIWing1, 5 GTIWing3

-16 Medium Factories, 7 GTIWing1, 9 GTIWing3

-11 Gadget Pocket Factory's, 4 GTIWing1, 2 GTIWing2, 5 GTIWing3

-Lots of Warehouses

-GTI Asia HQ

-GTI Asia Intelligence Bank

Specific goods produced are being worked on.

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These new factories will boost the economy and military. We hope with these new developments that the Gadget Techbology Industries and The Northern Empire both benefit from it.

The land is being given under a very cheap cost to the factories and warehouses to make construction of the buildings swift.

The construction crews of T.N.E. under the supervision of GTI foreman. Appliances and resources will be provided by T.N.E. suppliers while transportation of any leaders, foreman, supervisors, and even managers will be given free transport by plane.

The Economic Board and Military Council are working together to provide anything else for the GTI so that thier stay is enjoyable, productive, and safe. If they need anything else, all they need is ask.

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