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IRON Presidential Announcement


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Ten minutes ago, the following was issued to the IRON Membership from the office of the President. It is relevant to your interests.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I originally joined Council, and just over half a year since I became President. In that time, I’ve seen and experienced much - good and bad, friendship and betrayal, hope and doubt, and power and chains. I’ve accomplished all of my original goals and then some. I’ve devoted myself to this alliance and this community, to protecting and fostering it and giving its members the opportunity to prosper. I’ve seen members join the alliance and make seemingly incredible rises to the top, and I’ve seen others come crashing down. I’ve facilitated both processes. I haven’t liked everyone in this alliance, I haven’t even liked every single Councilor, and there are in fact a number of names that prompt mean and very un-presidential thoughts. But I’ve always adored what this community is, and even though the close friends I’ve established and kept are relatively few I have developed a very sincere and lasting bond with everyone who has experienced and joined and given their energy to benefit this community in whatever way they can.

Leading this alliance has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve learned much and I’ve met many different people. I’ve helped people, I’ve given people a chance to enjoy something and not have to worry about losing it. People have respected me, they’ve gone out of their way to help me whenever I needed it, even if I didn’t always ask, and the people here have always cared about me in a real way. I have developed real friendships and relationships through these positions, and that alone makes the journey worth it.

Still, this journey must end. So, as of tonight, I am resigning as President of IRON. This was not an easy decision, and it was one that I grappled with for quite some time before finally allowing myself the luxury of retirement. But the truth is that I am no longer the person best suited for this position, and as much as I enjoy it, it would not be right, for the alliance or for me, for me to continue holding this title. I will remain in IRON as a member of the Presidium, where I will be available to Council. But I will not be as active and I will not have any daily responsibilities.

As my final act as the 4th President of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, I officially declare FinsterBaby President of IRON. He is dedicated and has all of the requisite attributes to be an exceptional President, and he has already proven himself to be an exceptional leader. He will be making his own personal address in the coming days.

Now that that is done, I will make my final, personal remarks.

This alliance is not about numbers, or weapons, or political power or influence. Those are all tools, means. This alliance has always prided itself on the bonds and relationships between the people in it. We do not have very many laws or strict rules; we do not have hard, set in stone policies or procedures. We work based on common sense and a basic sense of respect for the integrity and dignity of other people, and we work towards a common goal: providing the best environment for our members. We protect our own, we comfort our own, and we care for our own. We are not merely a collection of warlords or Machiavelli junkies.

These are the core principles of our alliance. They do not have to be stated or regulated; they are lived, everyday, by every one of us, helping our friends, defending each other, volunteering to send out aid, representing us to others. We are a family, with all the strife that accompanies any family, but also suffused with a true loyalty. We do not fight for ourselves, but we are dedicated to the whole, dedicated to making this community better, brick by brick, layer by layer. Every one of us has a piece we can contribute, and everyone who has given something – thank you.

This is not about me, not really. I would never have become President if it were about me, because no one who thinks it is about them could ever be allowed to lead IRON. I would never have lasted as President, or as Councilor, if it was about me. It is the community, it is experiencing the very real and very powerful dedication that our members have to this alliance that both buoys and restrains its leaders. Leading a major alliance means having to deal with the inane “issues” and “drama” that invariably crop up, both externally and internally, having to listen to the selfish complaints of those who have never and never will give anything, or having to patiently negotiate with someone whom you’re not sure is entirely literate, among other things. All of these are insufferably frustrating.

Yet we carry on, as leaders and as people, because those things are simply unavoidable parts of the job. They must be done, no matter how asinine or absurd they seem. We complain and we vent to each other, but we do not consider it as cause to leave. There is something stronger that holds us together, that keeps us moving. We are moved to care, and we are propelled to action on behalf of and because of this community that built us and sustains us.

So this is about a community and the people that inhabit it. This is about the people who dedicate themselves to making it better and to helping those in it, the people who go about their jobs, whatever they may be, and do whatever it is they need to do without complaint. Those are the ones who inspired me, who pushed me, whether they knew it or not, to keep working for this alliance, and to keep caring. Thank you.

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We're coming dont worry. We know the terrorist's are forcing you to say this. Just stay calm and we're coming.

/me Grabs his gun and a radio

/me Runs to save heft

If there are no terrorists its going to be bad :(

Well Gl.


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