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Problem with Event


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I recently had 3 of the same event and I choose the same response for the event for all 3. The first one just expired, but my income didn't go up after it was gone. I had 144.05 before the event expired and still do afterwards. I would of expected it to go up some after the event was over but it has not.



2/14/2009 The nation's mining industry is reducing its production out of protest of the low market value of raw materials. If mining production does not increase this will damage the economy and the stock markets will fall. Option selected. See Current Response.

Option 1: Allow the mining industry to continue their protest. Stock Market wonder income effect reduced by 30%.


I currently have 2 of those in place. The 3rd just expired.

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My guess is that they are not cumulative, so no matter how many you have, the Stock Market's effect is reduced by 30%.

So -

with 3, your SM is reduced by 30% = -3$ base income

with 2, your SM is reduced by 30% = -3$ base income


Coding must not be scaled, just fixed.

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If it's fixed then why is has my tax income not changed?

It's still at the same amount. It should of gone up, correct?

No, because no matter how many of the event you have, your Stock Market's effect is reduced by 30%.

It doesn't matter if you have one, two, or ten of the event - the net result is the same.

What that means is that the -30% is not (for two events)

SM*(.7)*(.7) = SM*.49 as a net result

which is what you appear to have thought, but instead

SM*(.7) independent of how many of that event you have.

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So unlike all the rest of the events that end up stacking on top of each other and reducing you down farther, this one just keeps extending out the date to make it last longer.

To bad the rest of the events didn't work out that way, then people wouldn't have a + or -6 happy over 3 identical events or whatever other event.

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